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Smile Makeover

Improving the appearance of teeth and gums in Maidenhead

At Woodlands Dental & Implant Centre in Maidenhead we understand the importance of a person’s smile. Your smile is one of the first things people notice about you and it says a lot about you and your personality. So if you are unhappy with your smile it can affect every part of your life.

Dissatisfaction with your smile can be due to a variety of reasons; missing or crooked teeth, teeth and gums that have become damaged or discoloured through injury, disease or simply because of age. Whatever the reason we can help resolve the issues with a Smile Makeover.

The concept of a Smile Makeover is to improve the appearance of the teeth and gums in a way that deals with the root cause of the problem. In some cases treatment can be as simple as replacing unsightly silver fillings, but many people desire full reconstruction using a combination of treatments involving implants, crowns, bridgework or veneers.

Whatever the problem may be, and whatever the result you are looking for, at Woodlands Dental & Implant Centre we have the expertise to give you the smile you deserve.

Case example 1

This case involved teeth whitening treatment and changing two middle front front fillings for more natural looking white (composite) fillings. A simple smile lift.



Case example 2

This patient was not happy with his smile as he had very worn and discoloured teeth. He opted for a simple plan of Enlighten tooth whitening and 4 crowns. As his front teeth were very worn they were not suitable for veneers.



Case example 3

This patient was not happy with the large bulbous bridge on her upper front teeth. We carried out Enlighten Tooth Whitening and replaced the front bridge along with a new lower crown.



Case example 4

This patient had Enlighten teeth whitening and four front crowns to both straighten and repair his broken front teeth.



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